Black Angus/Beef

  St. Andrews Farms is currently putting together a herd consisting of some of the biggest names in the Angus breed. Pedigrees with GT Maximum, EXT, VRD, Right Time, QAS-234, 6807, and cow families like Blackcap, Traveler and Pride are all here! Our cows come from some of the all time great producers like nationally renowned breeders Stevenson/Basin and Sitz Angus in Montana, and Gardiner Angus in Ashland Kansas, to locals Rathbun Angus Ranch in Moses Lake, BB Cattle Co. in Connell, Majic Valley Cattle Co. in Mesa, and the Mclean Ranch here in Coulee City Wa. We feel we've got the foundation of a great herd. And by utilizing the technology of today, like A.I. (Artificial Insemination) and E.T. (Embryo Transfer) we are producing high quality seedstock, with an emphasis on calving ease, maternal traits, and carcass quality, as well as fast growing fat feeder calves for our customers w/grass who like raising their own superior tasting locker beef.

All Natural Beef

We’re currently producing what we think is the best beef eating experience there is. Our “All Natural Beef” cows are raised in a low stress, Holistic manner with no Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics. They graze dryland pasture in the spring and summer. They are then fed a high quality Alfalfa/grass hay, wheat straw, and a small amount of locally grown grain (corn, barley, Triticale and peas) as well as a professionally formulated Vitamin/Min. supplement that not only keeps our cows healthy, but also produces the most tender, juicy beef you can buy! In order for beef to be consistently tender and flavorful you must have good marbling and docile animals. That’s why we use no dogs or horses to work our animals.

A real cause for concern today is food safety, from imported beef to feed for beef raised here. That’s why we feed strictly home grown or local grown feed to our animals. You just don’t know what is in some of the processed or imported feed products. Here, we not only show you where our beef is raised, but where their food is raised. There is no safer way to buy your beef than straight off the farm! Our Beef is available off the farm by the side or sample bags from $100. We also sell retail to Health Food stores like The Health Pantry in Moses Lake, Wenatchee Natural Foods, Wenatchee, and Minklers’ Green Earth in Renton Wa. Our meat products are also available in Restaurants like Grampa Joes’ and Banks Lk. Brewery and Bistro here in Coulee City, as well as Café Manson in Manson Wa. Contact us anytime for pricing and availability.

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