Farm Diary

Welcome to our Diary page. Here you can catch up on what’s happening around the Ranch these days or take a look back at some of the exciting events that have occurred over the years. We hope you enjoy these stories.


Wow, has it really been 4 years since we’ve had an updated Diary? I must apologize for the lack of reporting, it hasn’t been for a lack of events, we’ve had several changes around here. The lack of moisture has caused our lakes to dry up almost every year (some small water holes on our place have been dry for 3-4 yrs.) We’ve gone from farming our deeded ground to returning it to grazing. That has allowed us to expand our custom grazing/breeding programs, as well as expand our custom haying business. Our beef program is also growing with new outlets and new customers filling their needs for home grown locker beef, and feeder calves for growing their own meat. Even with the slow economy we are experiencing, we’ve found that a consistently superior product can still be in high demand. The beginning of our second decade is starting to show a lot of growth and potential for success. I promise to have more current updates as we progress thru these exciting times, so stay tuned!


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